About the Company

QualComp Research Company specializes in general compensation consulting and support. QualComp was founded in 1991 By Lynn Bick, the company's Principal Consultant. Prior to that, she was a consultant with Hewitt Associates for 12 years. During that time, Lynn served as Project Manager and Lead Compensation Consultant on numerous studies involving compensation surveys, general salary administration, market pricing, job evaluation, performance management, and executive compensation. She currently continues to consult with many types of organizations, particularly in conducting compensation surveys, developing compensation plans and salary structures, providing market pricing and job evaluation expertise, developing job descriptions, and automating compensation functions using electronic spreadsheets and off-the-shelf databases rather than selling complicated, costly, proprietary programs.

QualComp also has conducted a proprietary benchmark survey since 1992 in addition to the custom surveys and general compensation consulting described above. The Minnesota Statewide Compensation Survey is conducted annually. This survey contained data on 551 positions in the 2018 report among 131 participating organizations. QualComp also conducted the National Psychiatric Health Care Compensation Survey from 1992 through 1998, which contained data on 198 jobs among 57 organizations. The decision was made to discontinue this survey after 1998, because the registration activity for 1999 left us uncomfortable conducting a survey that we did not feel would live up to our standards.

QualComp's clients represent a wide range of industries, both manufacturing and nonmanufacturing, public and private, nonprofit and for profit. These organizations range in size from Fortune 500 companies to start-up operations.