Other Methods of Job Evaluation

Although market pricing is the most prevalent method of job evaluation today, other methods are still in use:

......> Point factor plans
......> Whole job ranking
......> Factor ranking

Point factor plans are certainly the most complex and actually incorporate the features of whole job ranking and factor ranking. Point factor plans are particularly useful where sufficient market data does not exist for market pricing. Or, especially in creative fields or newly evolving industries, a large number of jobs may be just too unique to measure using external data.

Designing point factor plans should be as unique as your organization. You should be able to choose the factors to use, the weights to assign to those factors, and the point spreads. You should not have to implement a standard, template, or "canned" plan that you cannot modify. At QualComp, we work with you to choose the factors that best represent the compensable elements of your organization, define those factors at the optimum number of levels, weight those factors, and ultimately correlate the resulting point values with market data for a select number of benchmark jobs. Few consulting firms have the level of practical, technical and statistical skills required to develop unique point factor plans as QualComp.