Minnesota Statewide Compensation Survey

Supplemental Pay Practices Section

All participants complete this section. Data is collected on the prevalence of and eligibility for various forms of supplemental, nonqualified pay:

Long-Term Incentives

Stock options
Restricted stock
Long-term performance plans
Phantom stock

Supplemental Nonqualified Benefits

Restoration plans - defined benefit
Restorations plans - defined contribution
Supplemental pension benefits
Supplemental death benefits
Supplemental disability benefits
Supplemental medical/health care benefits
Section 457 plans
Voluntary nonqualified deferral opportunities


First-class air travel
Travel on company aircraft
Airline VIP club memberships
Country club memberships
Lunch club memberships
Health club memberships
Company cars/car allowances
Financial planning assistance
Tax preparation assistance
Executive physical examinations
Home security systems
Professional membership dues