Minnesota Statewide Compensation Survey

History and General Description

QualComp developed the Minnesota Statewide Compensation Survey in 1992 to fill a gap that existed in quality compensation data at an affordable price for benchmark jobs across the majority of the major job functions, all in one survey. Some surveys covered similar positions but were out of the price range of most companies, certainly on an annual basis. Other surveys were priced more reasonably, but covered a much smaller number of positions. Still other surveys were free or available for a nominal amount, but were not viewed as having the quality that was desired by most compensation management and other human resources professionals.

The Minnesota Statewide Compensation Survey immediately filled that gap and has consistently grown from 30 organizations in 1992 to 131 organizations in 2018. Because the organizations represent a wide variety of industries and sizes, it is not "skewed" toward any one type of company.

In order for the survey to be as flexible as possible, participants have the option of submitting individual position data on nonexempt, exempt, and/or management jobs, although nearly all companies submit data on all jobs. In addition, all participants complete the General Compensation and Benefits Practices Section and the Supplemental Pay Practices Section, regardless of the individual position data submitted.