Custom Surveys

Measuring the competitiveness of many jobs can best be accomplished by a custom, private survey, sponsored by an individual company, group of companies, or association. QualComp has been conducting custom surveys for nearly 20 years, and it is an integral part of our business. We have conducted numerous custom surveys for both individual companies as well as industry groups.

We work with you to define the survey to best suit your needs, including:
......> Companies to invite
......> Positions to be included
......> Compensation elements to be surveyed
......> Statistics to be reported

Custom surveys typically require 10-12 weeks to complete. We do not engage in conducting "quick phone surveys," as the quality and reliability of the results are often less than desirable. Rather, we work diligently to design an effective questionnaire document, contact and gain participation among the targeted companies, meticulously screen questionnaire input, and present and discuss results in a manner that is easy to understand, interpret, and use.